New Year, New Me?

Well, here we are. 2018. A new year has finally arrived. A new beginning for all those who struggled, and a continuation of goodness for those who were successful in 2017.

I am really struggling with this. It is because around this time last year was when everything went downhill for me and I ended up in the hospital after an overdose. It was then that I could not function and needed the support of my doctors, nurses, and professors, as well as my family and friends, to help me get through it. This led to a year of angst and suffering for myself as well as my family.

Beginning this new year gives me quite a bit of anxiety because I do not want it to be like last year. I do not want to fall like I did last year. I want to succeed and move forward and improve my life as well as myself.

Many people set goals at the beginning of every year. I did too, only to falter and never hold myself accountable for those goals throughout the years. But this year, I want to change it up, do something different. I want to make sure I am reaching my goals this year.

So, how will I do that? Hmm, I’m not sure. To be completely honest I haven’t even set my goals for this year yet. Maybe, instead of making a long list of goals that I will probably never reach, I should just pick one thing. ONE THING that I will commit to doing 100%.

What should that one thing be?


I like this goal. I want to reach this goal of being genuinely happy with myself. I will give my all to make this happen as this is extremely important to me. I feel that focusing my attention on just one thing will help me work harder towards it and hopefully even achieve it.

In the comments below, tell me, what are your New Year goals?



My Portfolio


Here is a link to my portfolio of creative and professional work: (

Hope you enjoy.



Author page

Good morning everyone!

Just an update. My author page is now up and running! The link is posted on my Social Media page on my blog. I am also attaching it to this post below.

Please go and check it out! Also, if you could give my book ‘Finding Elena’ a review that would be wonderful! Thank you!




Being a busy bee

Good afternoon my loves!

I have to say, this week has been SUPER busy for me. I was in the newsroom regularly, as well as I was out in the city filming and doing what journalists do best. I did not stop for four days straight. It was intense but yet, exhilarating because I was doing what I loved most.

I’m finding it much¬†easier to accept the fact that my chosen profession is always up and running. News never stops, and neither do journalists. As a journalist myself, I can attest to that. I never cease to work.

Luckily, I have this weekend to rest and recuperate, before heading back into the fire Monday morning. So, how do I plan to spend my weekend? Well, I will definitely be reading a good book while drinking many cups of hot coffee and tea. Also, my family is coming to visit me tomorrow which will give me some much-needed family time.

I look forward to having tranquil few days. How are you guys spending your weekend? Let me know in the comments below.



Book signing in the making

Good afternoon everyone!

So glad to be back on the writing board again. I have some great news. I have decided to host a few book signings for my book ‘Finding Elena.’


I am beyond excited for this. It has taken me a little while to get on board with the idea of doing a book signing but thanks to the encouragement from my sweet grandfather, I have made the decision to do a few of them.

The process is still in its planning stages, but I assure you I will let you all know when a book signing is happening and where. Please feel free to come with a copy you have already purchased, or come early and receive a copy from me.

I look forward to meeting and speaking with all of you lovely souls. Again, thank you so much for all the support you have shown me on here as well as on social media. Thank you for following my story and being a part of it.




Release the demons

This morning I let it out. I poured myself onto the kitchen table over a cup of coffee. I let the tears fall freely down my stained cheeks. I didn’t hold back. I dared speak of demons that have been haunting me for the past number of years. Saying them aloud felt like hot metal scouring my throat. The words burned like they had never burned before.

And then there was my mother, kind and humbling. Accepting my demons. Gentle with her responses. Ready to scoop me into her arms and hold me until I felt whole again. I was so grateful.

Releasing these demons into the open plains, we call a conversation was something I was afraid of. As if it was a sin to tell the tale of how you became the way you are today. Practically throwing myself into unknown territory, waiting to see if I’d survive the exposure.

And I did.

It’s times like these I wish I had a quick way of fixing the issues at hand. ¬†To tick them off of a checklist sounds comical and utterly nonsensical, although if I could make a list of them and fix them as I go, I would be in a much better state of mind. But, as reality sinks in, this is not a viable option.

I know I should be doing something about this, but as for right now, I only wish to curl up in layers of warm blankets with a book and a cup of hot tea and ignore the world around me. At least for a little while longer.




How could they?

So many words are trapped within a mind littered with shards of glass so thin; banging against the iron walls, screaming for a way out, slicing open old wounds to try to ease the pain of what was done unto you; that evil that was forced upon you… How could they let this happen? How could they?