And on we go…​

Well, here I am. Back again at the writing board. I took a week’s break to collect myself and work eight hours for five consecutive days wishing I was at home writing or reading with a coffee in my hand. I know, stressful right?

I recently got this job, and yes, it is sort of stressful in a way, even though I’m sitting and flattening my bum the entire time. But a job is a job, and I’m a student who needs to make money to pay her dues, so this job is where I’m spending exceedingly large amounts of my time. Ew. Too much sitting.

In other news, I have made up my mind that I will be writing another book. Book 2. Wow, that’s going to be awesome. My first one hasn’t even been published yet, and I am already looking ahead to the future book that will be published in due time. Just awesome.

If you had told me this is what I was going to be doing with my summer break a few months ago, I would have laughed at you and told you to stop lying. I would never have believed you. The fact that I am writing a book for me is a huge accomplishment, especially after all that these past months have thrown at me. I am beyond astounded that I am where I am today after what has happened.

My life has and is still a constant battle with my mental illnesses. But through it all, I still manage to find a way through it all. Whether it be through reading a book or writing, listening to a podcast or some music, going for a run or a walk, having a tea or just simply sitting and being in the moment. My coping strategies have developed from ways of harming myself to ways of improving the situation and helping myself feel better again. Yes! This is a little victory for me.

If you know me, you’ll know that nowadays the small victories mean everything to me. They make me stronger with each passing day. I think it’s important to recognize your own victories over your struggles because it makes you who you are as a person; makes you unique and beautiful. Our struggles shape us into the human beings we all are so we should embrace those struggles, no matter how bad they are (I’ve had awful ones trust me).

And so, on we go. On to better days and bigger things that make us happy and give us joy. On we go to meet new faces and see great places. On to new experiences and adventures, we’ll look back on years from now and enjoy the sweet memories. On to new challenges to fight through and overcome. Onto brighter sunshine and less cloudy days.

To continue on after being knocked down so low has been quite the struggle for me. But I have done it. Survived it. Held on for dear life to the promise of a better life. I know for certain it would have been better for me to not go through my struggles but that’s not how life works. It throws curveballs at you to see if you’re paying attention (better watch out). My struggles were for a good reason and I have come to accept that. Thankfully, I am on a better path to healing.



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