Sunday Thoughts

Mother’s Day

Sunday, May 14, 2017


I’m sitting in a cafe on Mother’s Day with my mom. She reads the newspaper as I type this. We both sip our lemon water simultaneously. The more I look at her, the more I see parts of myself. It’s an interesting thing to experience, especially for me. I’ve always seen more of myself in my dad than in my mom. Funny how that is. You think you resemble one of your parents more than the other and then BAM! You look at your other parent, and you realize you’re more like them than the other. And then you’re all confused but accept the fact that you are half of each parent equally while continuing to wonder who you resemble the most. It’s head spinning I know.

As I’ve mentioned twice before (thrice now jeez), it’s Mother’s Day today. My family and I are out, and we have already had brunch at a cute local all-day breakfast place called ‘Sunset Grill.’ Food update: UHH YUMM! All of you better go check it out if there’s a location close to you because they have excellent food there. Perhaps a suggestion for your next meal. The French Connection (eggs and potatoes) with bacon or sausage, french toast with butter and maple syrup, topped off with a warm cup of coffee. TRY IT; IT’S DELICIOUS.

Sorry, I got a little off topic there with the food. Can you tell I’m in love with breakfast? Clearly… Anyways my family is currently sitting in a coffee shop enjoying each other’s company sipping on lemon water and laughing about my father’s shoe size (don’t ask, it’s an inside joke no one will get). We are alive and happy. As I’m typing away here, I want to mention that our day did not start out like this. We had a rough morning. But hey, don’t all families experience this sometimes? I’m sure of it. The point though is that we got past it and had a pleasant afternoon and it is continuing to be beautiful as the minutes’ tick by.

Well, we are on the move again, so I am typing this on my phone so as to not lose any of this sound material (this is debatable). We are headed to a cute little family-owned bakery that one of my siblings works at called Con Gusto (we are Italian and all about the food clearly). We are getting fruit danishes and chocolate croissants. I can vouch for both of these desserts and say that they are pretty darn good. Made fresh daily and super light and buttery. They practically melt in your mouth (I am now hungry again, thanks to me). If you live in my area, check it out it’s a lovely place to get sweets! Oh, and bread of course. Who could forget bread? They have excellent bread there too.

So I meant this blog post to be about family and Mother’s Day, but it turns out it has become all about food. Weird right? Well yes in a way it is but my family loves to eat so if you make the connection, my family and food are pretty close to each other. We hold food very near and dear to our hearts (more like in our tummies but you get the idea).

Today has been a wonderfully pleasant day. I did not think it would turn out this way from the difficult time we had this morning. Oh, boy was I wrong, and thankfully so. This Mother’s Day has taught me to be thankful for the family I have and the people who love and care about me. They are the ones who will stick by me, especially my mom. She is a strong woman, and I don’t know how she does it (obviously with yummy food). Her dedication and patience with myself and our family have been immense, and we are so blessed to have her. So the rest of this blog post is going to be dedicated to my mom.

Mom, thank you. We appreciate all that you do for us, and we are forever in debt to your kindness and love. We hope you have had a fantastic Mother’s Day with us and we wish you much more. Please don’t forget us in your will (just me not the others mom). We love you.


Here are some good photos of the French Connection dish I was talking about earlier. Enjoy, and Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies out there!



2 thoughts on “Sunday Thoughts

  1. Love this glimpse into Mother’s Day; a day in the life. Our family days often start out difficult, too. Thanks for this. I can totally relate. Appreciating the beauty of the day; the good and the bad.

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