Absent Advantage into Second Received as Won

Across History, Herstory, bursting and bubbling-

The grasses and grass’ only yield in shaved sorries,

strangeness in story of theirs being overtaking-

Those of the other side and locked into a yard of flames,

The fire dancing under a ball of ice- there nowhere.


Hearing across again too many times-

The mowed maw of smouldering smashed undoing-

Constant exposure to inconsistent abused and disordered-

Undying in death of negative exposures.


That we aren’t subjected to this unfamiliar unfortunate-

Despised and to be undone eventually unbreakable,

To never return to the turbulence and trembling terror-

The roots of taking away the life of water.


That again against may be held no more-

In half we’d feel whole, with prison picket fence destroyed-

With every effort in assurance that’s no more-

Moving into the ascended attitude of all love adored-


Crushed under our feet these feelings,

Crashing out is the tired- run us over no more-

Chased out of our lives into more alive we are

Not to acknowledge what doesn’t ever exist anymore.


With liberated spirit unspoiled yet again,

Yesterdays of no proud sensation in backyards hurt-

Staying a whole yard of lamb in herd-

All to be lamb, no sheep unsaved learned-

Though to see the wolves anger leave,

A smile on the wolves of our people who save the queen,

The king and all in couple feel

Fields of kings and queens more alive,

Fast growing once again to be feeling of highest-

Demonstrating performance of purity and passion-

As pure and clean as our first homes as beings-

To Be Unified Once More Infinitely.





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