Observation Exercise

Bells and shrieks ringing through my ears; people chatting, so many voices. Students chewing on their food loudly, distracting others from doing their assignment. Two women playing scrabble while others eat their lunch in the lunch room. Piles of assignments lay next to me as I sit at one of the tables and watch as students walk by. So busy, hurrying to class. Makes me feel like my life has stopped, and I have no control over what I can and cannot do. I walk outside and feel the fresh air whip my face. Smokers huffing and puffing on their cigarettes in the corner, huddling to keep warm from the frigid air whipping away.

The path has students walking back and forth in lines. Left is for coming and right is for going. Bundled up, breathing hot air that billows lie smoke in the chilled air. The air smelled of fresh water and rocks. This is because our campus is close to the Humber River. It’s such a pretty view. If you look outside the window of our Research Methods class, you can see the other side of the campus, the new Welcome Centre, the Senior’s home, the elementary school that is being built. You can hear the sounds of the construction machines overturning the rough soil, the loud hammering drill as it tries to break apart the frozen ground.

As I look around, I think to myself, this where I am supposed to be; this is where I will flourish. Humber has been the one place that I can feel free to express myself and be who I really am. I look like those students walking when I walk this path. I am one of these students. I am part of this family. I am one of Humber’s own. I belong here.



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