A Mental Health Story.

Just Kaylee

adnfoifhwoifhI became a pro at hiding. Because in this game of hide-and-seek no one really “looks” for you. Because when I would hide I wouldn’t physically hide, but I would hide inside my head.

I would pretend like everything was okay. When in reality my heart would be beating 90 miles a minute and my mind would not shut off. No matter what I did my mind was always running, I never got any sort of mental break.

I wouldn’t want to go to school, and I would have much preferred staying in bed all day. I didn’t want to eat or hang out with my friends. I hated the world, and I was so convinced that the world hated me.

I would get panicky over what other people see as small things when in my eyes the small things were huge. And to this day I still get panic attacks…

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