Studying Abroad Options

Hi guys!

Okay so, this post is going to be more conversational than my other ones, mostly because I want to share my ideas and hear some of yours about studying abroad. In light of this, I would love any feedback you guys have for me. Just comment below the post!

Sitting here in a local coffee shop, I’m looking through all the school websites for each institution offering my program, which is Journalism (if you guys couldn’t guess it already).

Now for discussing options, there is a list of places I have to choose from to study at. Here is the list I found on my school website with all the schools that offer journalism in partnership with my university here in Toronto:


Copenhagen – KEA Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (Denmark)

Ondence – Lillebaelt Academy University of Applied Sciences (Denmark)

Aarhus – Business Academy Aarhus; VIA University College (Denmark)

Cheltenham – University of Gloucestershire (England)

Bristol – University of the West of England (England)

Salford/Manchester – University of Salford (England)

Dublin – Institute of Technology Tallaght (ITT Dublin) (Ireland Republic)

Aberdeen – Robert Gordon University (Scotland)

Umea – Umeå University (Sweden)

Enschede – Saxion University (The Netherlands)

Hirakata/Osaka – Kansai Gaidai University (Japan)

Auckland – Unitec Institute of Technology (New Zealand)


All of these universities offer Journalism; or rather have a ‘School of Media Studies and Information Technology’ and they sound so inviting and interesting! I’m having a really hard time deciding where I want to go. I mean, I’ll be there for (hopefully) an entire year, if not a whole semester so I want to make sure I pick the best one for me.

I’ve already looked through some of my favourites; dreaming of the day I get to hop on the plane and go. My top three all time favourites are:

  1. University of Salford
  2. Robert Gordon University
  3. University of Gloucestershire

I’m having such a difficult time choosing between these three. They all have beautiful campuses and in depth courses about writing and photography and audio journalism. I wish I could study at all of them and more. It would be such an amazing opportunity to do that but I know I can only pick one.

So, since I am very undecided, I’m asking you for your help. Which school from the list above or my ‘top 3’ do you think is the best and why? Let me know in the comments below. Your input is much appreciated.




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