Looking ahead

Hello my readers!

After all the Christmas festivities, I’m back to the daily grind of blogging. I loved being with my family and stuffing my face with endless food, sweets and wine. We shared many laughs and good memories from past Christmases. It was a blessing to be with them, and I hope your Christmas was wonderful too.

Now it’s time to get back to doing what I love most: reading, writing, blogging, podcast listening, going for runs outside, doing yoga in my apartment, drinking slightly too much coffee and documenting my life one picture at a time. I don’t mean to write my own biography here, but I hope you are not too bored with the idea of learning a little bit about me. I’d love to learn about some of you too.

But before I continue with all that, I want to set some goals for the upcoming new year. I believe it’s important to set goals because it gives you something great to work towards. And once you achieve your goal, it’s such a satisfying feeling. It wells up inside of you and you feel amazing and motivated to reach your other goals, or set new ones.

I’m setting 5 goals for 2017. They will challenge me to be better and to work harder than I did this year in 2016. I look forward to being a better version of myself and I hope to be the best I can be for others.

What are your goals for the new year? Feel free to comment below.



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