Studying Abroad Letter of Intent

I would like to give you an update on how my letter of intent is going for the selection process to study abroad. The due date for the applications to be in is February 27th, 2017. We are required to fill out a formal application, send a copy of our most recent grade transcripts, and write a one page letter of intent answering four questions. This is what I have so far for my letter:


February 27, 2017

To the Selection Committee,

This is to clarify that I, Elena De Luigi, am interested in studying abroad for one year. This is my letter of intent to demonstrate that I am an optimal candidate to study overseas.

  • How the courses at your host institution abroad will enrich your Humber program?

The courses that I will take at my host institution will provide me with the tools and skills I will need in the future. The courses I choose will have to align with courses I would be taking at Humber during those semesters.

  • How the study abroad opportunity will positively contribute to your personal and professional goals.

I believe that studying abroad will be a large contribution to the kind of journalist I aspire to be and will become. To experience what life is like in a new country I’ve never visited before excites me. The learning opportunities there are in and out of the classroom are vastly widespread, so the education I will receive will be well rounded and focused. It will be quite the experience to live in a foreign country and to see how people interact with each other and the media.

  • How you plan to be successful in the courses offered at the host institution.

I plan on being successful by devoting 150% of my effort into my education. I come from a family who has done well in university and I will not settle for anything less. I am committed to studying hard and making sure my grades are well above average. I will develop study systems to help me for tests and exams. I will spend the majority of my time at the library and in class doing everything I can to be the best student.

A successful student also means a healthy student. I will make sure to take care of my health by making sure I get enough sleep every night, drinking lots of water, eating healthy foods, going for runs and doing yoga, going to the gym and spending time with the new friends I will make. It will be an adjustment for me but I am willing to work to make it as smooth and pleasant as possible.

I know that my host institution has all the facilities and the resources to help make all their students feel welcomed and comfortable at their university.

  • How your experiences studying in another country will help to bring an international/global perspective to Humber and/or your community.

The experiences I will encounter while studying in another country will enrich my perspective of international/global communities by giving me a deeper understanding of their lives. Each country, even each city has a different dynamic to it and it is my belief that I can bring some of that with me back to Toronto and to the Humber community and share it with them.


I am hoping to be done soon so I can have a full first draft to edit. I’m also hoping a few people will take a look at it so that I can be certain it is top notch for the Selection Committee. Of course, the questions will not be included in the final letter, but I wanted to make sure I cover every aspect of what is expected of me so that I can study abroad. I am so excited!

Also, please feel free to comment below with any feedback. It is greatly appreciated.



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