A Christmas Wish

For as long as I can remember, my siblings and I wrote Christmas wish lists to Santa. They would be filled with materialistic things such as toys, clothes etc. They were what we wanted and what we would look forward to having under the tree every year.

I think many children do, and many adults have done the same thing as my siblings and I. Put up and decorated a tree; baked cookies and other delicious desserts with mom and grandma; made snow angels in the front and backyard; woke up at the crack of dawn to see if Santa came to bring presents and eat the cookies and milk we put out for him the night before; eat Christmas dinner after Christmas dinner, stuffing our faces with all the yummy goodies our relatives bring; sing Christmas carols until we have no more voices. The list goes on. It’s what we remember from our childhoods and treasure dear to our hearts. They are special memories that we will carry with us forever.

But there are children who don’t get to write their Christmas wish lists to Santa, or take part in all the beautiful activities that happen during the Christmas season. Instead, they dream of having a warm and loving family to be with, or simply to have enough to eat for that day to survive or to be warm. Some children can’t have what we had, some adults didn’t have what we had.

This breaks my heart. To know that so many people that cannot be happy during Christmas. It is unfair that we have so much and they have so little. The Christmas season is about being with family and giving, which also includes giving to those who need a little Christmas miracle. I am not rich, I am not great, but I do believe that it’s in me to give; it’s in all of us to give.

This Christmas, my wish is to be able to change one life; to be able to put a smile on a child’s face so that they know someone is thinking about them, caring for them and making sure they have a Merry Christmas too. My wish is to do everything I can to make that child walk a little taller, smile a little wider and sing a little louder. Making a difference does not have to be big gestures; it can be the smallest donation, or even a smile and a warm hug that can make the difference mean so much more.

My Christmas wish is to help make a life brighter. What’s your Christmas wish? Feel free to comment below. Merry Christmas everyone. Stay safe and warm and remember to help someone in need.




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