Update on Studying Abroad Application Process

Hi Larisa!

Sorry, I know you’re probably sick of hearing from me with all my questions and whatnot but I have a few more questions (who would have guessed). If I submit my application before the deadline is there a chance I could be accepted early? I would love to get the process rolling a little faster. Also, if I was to do two semesters abroad (one year) could I do one semester in one place and another semester in another place? I understand the courses have to align with the ones I would take at Humber so that I graduate on time but I am willing to work extra hard for this. It would be so cool if I could! If not it will still be cool to be in one place too. Please let me know ASAP.

I am beyond excited to study abroad and if I could go tomorrow I would! I may email you with more questions as they come to me (sorry I’m needy and annoying) but hopefully I haven’t ruined your holidays yet! (That was my attempt at a joke but I’m not sure how you’ll take it so I’ll stop trying to be funny). Thanks for being patient with me!

Elena De Luigi


As you can see I am way too excited to leave the comfort of my own apartment in Toronto. This may be the large DD coffee I have just chugged but I am feeling quite surreal right now. This is an opportunity of a lifetime. Even if I just go to another country for one semester, it will enrich my life on so many aspects. My education, my perspective of culture and international relations, the way I interact with others, etc. I feel like I can learn so much more in another country than if I stayed here in Toronto. The amount of different experiences that will come my way will be extraordinary and enlightening.


Hi Elena,

Don’t worry – I’m never sick of hearing from students who are excited about studying abroad!

We process all the applications at the same time so there’s no benefit in getting your application in early – unfortunately you’ll have to wait until February to start the process regardless. It would be very challenging to do two semesters back-to-back in different places for a number of reasons. To be honest I don’t think we could do it. What I would recommend if you’re really interested in going someplace soon, would be to consider one of our summer programs, we have some great options for this summer.

Feel free to ask questions anytime! And never stop “trying to be funny” haha – I get it!

Larisa Duravetz
International Coordinator



Okay, I understand! I’m still wanting to do the fall and winter semesters though so I guess I’ll just have to contain my excitement. At least I’ll try… February can’t come fast enough. How long will it take to review the applications and select the applicants to move forward with the process? Thanks again!

Elena De Luigi


We’ll be holding interviews end of Feb/March and then applicants will be chosen shortly after. You’ll likely know by April 🙂

Have a wonderful holiday!

Larisa Duravetz
International Coordinator


I am currently sitting on the edge of my seat gripping the sides trying to contain my excitement. April can’t come fast enough! Time to buckle down and submit that application ASAP!!! More updates to come later…



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