Studying Abroad

Hi Larisa!

Hope you are enjoying the holidays. I saw on the application form that there was an option to study abroad for a whole year, meaning both fall and winter semesters. Is that still available? I am really interested in doing that next year. I am currently sitting on my couch sipping my coffee as I write my letter of intent for the Selection Committee. Hoping to submit everything to you soon.

Elena De Luigi


This is the email I sent to the International Coordinator earlier this morning. I am currently in the process of applying to study journalism abroad for either one or two semesters. Fingers crossed for two. It would be quite the experience to live in a foreign country and to see how people interact with each other and the media. Being a journalism student, I want to make an impact on how citizens react to different pieces of journalism and hopefully make them trust journalists more. I want my writing to set a new standard for how future journalists report on significant issues in our constantly evolving world.

Studying abroad is something that I have always dreamed about. To be in another country and learn how to cope and experience all the wonderful things the place has to offer is something that lights a fire within me. It burns deep within my soul and drives me to take every opportunity I can to learn.

One thing that will always be with you is your education. I for one, plan to enrich my education as much as I can with books and projects and experiences that give me the tools and teach me the skills I will need in the future workplace environment I will be in.

I strongly recommend studying abroad for anyone interested in gaining a more widespread understanding of the world we live in today. There are so many opportunities to choose from. I understand it can be scary at first, even overwhelming too. But your passion and appetite for learning and adventure should override those feelings. Do not be afraid!

As time passes and the process continues I promise to keep you updated. Also, when I do get approved and have my journey planned out, my blog posts will be written from wherever I decide to study, and you will have the pleasure of experiencing it first hand as I do; almost as if you were with me. My hope is that you will learn as much as I will from the experiences and adventures I will go on.


Hi Elena,

I’m happy to hear that you’re preparing your application. That’s great!

A study abroad term is generally only one semester although its possible to do a second semester depending on what program you’re in and the circumstances. When you get approved to do a semester exchange we map out your courses and make sure that you on on track to continue on in your program and not lose any time. If you are interested in doing a full year we can look at your options once you’re accepted and see what can be worked out.

Good luck and have a wonderful holiday!

Larisa Duravetz
International Coordinator




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