Hey there, stranger

How does someone get so lucky? How did I get so lucky? I could never have imagined meeting someone as interesting and indefinitely pleasing as you. One smile and a simple “hello” from your lips and it was as if you swooped me out of the sky as I was falling and carried me to safety.

This feeling I feel with you is like no other. The joy and happiness that flood through the gates of my heart is more than I ever felt before. You swept me off my feet and carried me with you to paradise.

It is an inexplicable mystery to me that we connected so easily and comfortably. It will forever have me wondering what I did to deserve you. Your intelligence, maturity, desire to succeed and be your own man has me swimming in a pool of admiration and appreciation.

I cherish you, your presence, your kindness, your value as a human being, everything. The love we share is profound and real. The bond we have created is strong and unbreakable.

As you took my hand and helped me fly, the demons inside me were silenced, and I could finally breathe again.



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