Happiness in the Simple Things

Stop. Take a deep breath, close your eyes. What do you see?

A sunset on the horizon leaking its every last drop of light over the skyline; looming mountains with evergreen sprouting from every crack in the rock; crystal blue waves crashing on the shoreline as the wind whips softly across the sand.

Take another deep breath, open your eyes.

The peacefulness of nature can soothe the soul in many ways. It’s ability to make you forget the stresses of adulthood and feel free for just a moment is one that envelops your entire existence and puts it on pause. Sitting there, absorbing all there is from the earth. It’s as if time has stopped and the only things that matter are you and your scenery.

Feel the wind blowing against your cheeks, filling your lungs with another chance to live a life of purpose. Feel the roughness of the rock underneath you, it’s strong base for your uneasy step. Feel the worry in your heart ebb away as time passes.

It’s the simple things that can give the soul the most joy. Cherish them, embrace them, become them. It’s the simple things that make us human.



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