A friendly greeting

Greetings friends!

I chose the theme ‘Independent Publisher’ because it captures the essence of my fantasy of how a personal journalistic website or blog should look like; at least in my opinion. Who knows, I could be wrong but journalism can be portrayed in different ways and to each their own, am I right? Anyway, my widgets display a photo gallery which I will try to use more frequently than writing text due to the fact that images are more likely to tell the story in a more detailed way than any wordy description ever could. Also, my Twitter account is available for viewing; that has yet to become popular, but I’m hoping it will.

The widgets I chose (Twitter and Gallery) were crucial because I communicate daily through Twitter, therefore I believe it is an essential means for me to share news and information with all of you. As for the Gallery widget, I do communicate a great deal through photos on Instagram, but I will not be posting any absurd selfies on this website. As disappointing as that sounds, only photos related to the topics of my stories or assignments will be posted.

You might be asking why I chose burgundy, such a dark colour for my background. Well, let me tell you a little secret… I love burgundy! Ever since I went shopping for new clothing about a month ago, I can’t get enough of it. I sometimes wish I could colour my whole life burgundy; it would look so much prettier that way. Aside from my little obsession, I did choose that colour because it complemented the white words of my posts as well as my circular profile photo in the left hand corner of the page. The search bar underneath my photo is for you to browse through my site to see what juicy stories you could possibly sink your teeth into.

To add some flare, I added a follow button in case any of you would like to continue to read what I have to say… It’s your call. I would prefer if you did, but if not, I understand. I can’t win all your hearts. Also, to track activity on my site there is a “Blog stats” widget which tallies up the number of hits I get. Please be kind and do “hit me up,” as the high school kids would say; I’d love to hear from all of you.

Well I do believe it is time to wrap things up. I have spent entirely too much time curled up on the sofa, drinking green tea, and typing this post. Hopefully I’ve captured your interest long enough for you to stay with me as I continue blogging on this site.

So as the famous Von Trapp family from The Sound of Music would sing, “Adieu!” Until next time.

Forever yours in writing,



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